Create a 90 second to 2-minute video that explains what Automat Kitchen is and how it works. 

The video needs to play on a loop at a trade show in early November. 

• Focus on the food prep to show that the food is made fresh. 

• Demonstrate how easy it is to use (Order via the website or at the location) 

• Show the touchless operation. 

Video 1

Scenario #1
Shoot a scenario where a customer gets on the path train, orders their food, shows up at an Automat Kitchen, and picks up their meal. 

Scenario #2
Shoot a scenario where a customer orders food at the location.


• 90 – 120 second looping 16×9 HD video
• 2 Short vertical (1080×1920) videos for social media (based on the primary video)
• Footage that can be edited into additional social media content posts

 Pre Production 

• Site Visit
• Shoot planning
• Create Shot List

1 Shoot Day

Director/ Cinematographer  $1200 

Camera Operator #2  $800

– Depending on how complex the shoot becomes, there is a possibility that we need to shoot over two days.

Post Production

Video Ingest / Editing / Graphics (3 days)

The total estimate for Project $4400

Notes:  1. It may be challenging to shoot the graphics on transparent screens. 2. Need to show how the food is prepared. 3. See if there is a way to shoot similar scenes for social media. Horizontal and Vertical. 4. Automat Kitchen will provide extras, actors  and/or voice-over talent. 

Video 2 (Not included in Proposal)
Explain how a new business can get up and running with its version of the food boxes. (License and sell the technology of the boxes)