For my 2017 Burning Man Media Project, I would like to shoot portraits using a photo compositing effect that is now feasible with the use of Drones. The concept involves shooting a series of images at various heights and angles and manually stitching them together in Photoshop to create a “bent landscape” effect that resembles scenes from the movie “Inception”

My plan at Burning Man 2017 is to create some of these bent landscapes featuring the artist as well as their artwork out on the playa. I have been experimenting with the concept and produced a few example images. I will post more as I perfect the technique.

I have also shot professionally for John Deer, Pepsi and a number of other clients on the east cost. A few examples of the types of shots that I have been known for are in my reel below.
My 2016 Burning Man Media Project was to shoot portraits with a portable, backpack studio using a large lightdome umbrella and a small soft box. The rig was a custom made backpack/ battery system that powered two, off-camera Nikon flash heads. The rig enabled me to shoot a night and/or in dusty conditions creating the type of light that one would normally find indoors.