Looping Background Animation

“Power Player” Segment Wipe

“Daily Digit” Real-Time GFX Template

Website Identity Grpahic

Title: 3xSQ (Three Times Square)
Concept: | Video | Design | Animation | Python Scripting | Photography
Summary: A daily morning news show primary focused on general business news.
Role: Design | Software Development| Animation | Sound Design
Apps: Photoshop | After Effects | eStudio
Hardware: Nikon D300s | MAC | PC
Music: Neosounds
•  Six Second Video Intro
•  A simple virtual background and animated video box
•  Two show segment “Wipes”
•  24 frame video wipe
•  Slideshow plug-in with Ken burns effect
•  An editable interactive realtime lower-third bar with an animated topic bar

Before Thomson Reuters licensed any sort of 3D application I needed to fake any 3D effect using After Effects. Using only only stacked layers in After Effects, to create a 3D object, I created this proof of concept video to see how the effect would look. Once I was able to create a “passable” object I designed the rest of the assets.

After Effects “Fake 3D” proof of concept