RIBNewYork would like high-resolution stills and a finished promotional video of a high-speed boat tour in NYC harbor. We would use the content to promote the tour this summer.  RIBNY would like the video to demonstrate how the tour is like a roller coaster on the water.  It is the fastest tour in the city, but it is also an intimate experience to be able to stop where other tour boats cannot for unique photo opportunities.

The 4K video promotion should be edited down to approximately 90 seconds, with music, sub-titles and/or voice-overs.

The location is in New York Harbor, specifically downtown around the World Trade Center and near the Statue of Liberty. We would need to see both the WTC and Statue in the shots.

The time frame:
Last week of May, preferably around Memorial Day weekend while the boat will be full.


I would like to shoot a few different tours. One tour would be shot from the air and the other on the boat from the perspective of the riders.

It would also be interesting to get shots of the boat without anyone on it at sunset.

Shooting drone footage around memorial day may be tough because there may be military ships in the harbor and/or VIPs in town. When this happens the FAA sends out temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) that forbid any drone activity in the harbor.

I have shot a similar video in that area for Classic Harbor Line. Please see the video below.

A video outlining the work that I have done for Michael Drucker

A few examples of a “higher-speed” low to the ground drone shots. Shot with the Mavic Drone

O’Stullivan Studios Aerial Reel

• High Res Jpeg
• Edited 90-second video
• 5 short video clips to be used on social media
• Raw Uncut Video

Planning / Wavers / Insurance  $300.00

Inspire 2 Rental 1 Day $447.00
1 Day Aerial Cinematographer Rate $990.00
Assistant/Visual Observer $300.00

Post Production
Download / Back UP / Create of Proxy Videos / Upload HD Proxy files to Dropbox $300.00
Editing 1 Day $600.00
Color Correction / Music / Refine Edit   $450.00

Total Estimate For project  $3,387.00

*Additional Edits and revisions will be billed at $75 (two-hour minimum)