I offer one-on-one private instruction for amateur photographers, professional photographers and small digital agencies. Whether you just bought a DSLR and want to get started shooting more professionally or you’re a digital agency and figured out that your 10 Terabyte RAID drive, not only isn’t backed up but was set to level 0…. and it’s full, I can help.


Video Production


A little about my background.

I was first exposed to digital cameras in 1999 with the 1.2 megapixel Sony Mavica. The second I started shooting with it I couldn’t put it down. I loved it, not only didn’t I have to get film developed and scanned in but it took 1.44MB Floppy disks.
By 2002, I gave my darkroom away and stopped shooting film for good. At the time I was the director of motion graphics at a small video startup but on the weekends I was shooting along side my photographer friends with a few DSLRs to test the limitations and note advantages of this new digital workflow.

It wasn’t too long before part-time shooters and professional photographers started to approach me for tips and workflow suggestions as to how they can make the leap from film to digital. As the technology advances, new issues emerged and I tend to be the one guy staying up till 2AM figuring out solutions to these issues because that’s just how I’m wired. I have also worked with a number of different photographers and run a small multimedia production department for a large news organization. Chances are, if you have a problem, I have had it too.

Some of the most common questions that I get are:

What is a good way for me to backup my work?

When do I need to shoot raw and when it is it ok to shoot jpeg? What are the benefits of each format?

How can I automate a lot of repetitive tasks?

I don’t want to do heavy retouching, but what can I do quickly to make my images look better?

My clients are now asking for video, where do I start?

Apple is no longer supporting Aperture so now I have to switch to another application to manage and edit my images?

My agency wants to build a small studio, what do we need?

How can I record better audio when I shoot with a DSLR?

Private one-on-one photography workflow coaching for individuals starts at $125/hour.