Deadline 3/20, 3/23 at the latest.

recipe Lunch Shoot

Shoot coverage of a lunch event as well as 6-8 different recipes combinations.

The 15 different recipes will be shot with a stationary, overhead camera similar to the “Tasty” channel on youtube.


Show healthy, delicious recipes that incorporate protein and/or boosts and how quickly they can be put together.

Product: Protein powder and each of the 4 boosts.

Show product in frame (packaging is really beautiful)

Layouts/Framing: overhead stationary camera

Stock imagery/stock music: stock music

Logo: Care/of branding end frame and if we can tastefully place it throughout

Using the least amount of gear possible, I recreated the “tasty” lighting setup to demonstrate what equipment would be required. For various reasons, It’s not the best lighting solution so I suggest that we rent two. 4-foot Keno Lights, to get a brighter cleaner look without as many shadows. I can bring these to your office or rent a small studio somewhere in NYC. 

A few other details to be ironed out.

1 – How closely do you want to replicate the “Tasty” videos? The reason I ask is that they tend to use a wider verity of shots than one would remember. I am also guessing that they actually use two cameras at the same time while they are making these videos. In addition to the overhead angle, in the Tasty video that I reviewed, most recipe videos actually include 7-8 different types of shots (as well as some GFX/Text)

  • Intro macro shot 90º
  • Overhead shot
  • Zoomed in overhead shot
  • Macro shot from 45º
  • Close-up /side shot from 45º
  • Overhead shot with GFX
  • Ending front close-up shot from 90º


3- In whichever location we shoot in, we would also need a very stable floor due to the fact the camera will be mounted on stands that will wobble around if the floor is made of wood or has any “give” to it?