LYC Pool Demolition & Construction Photos

My aerial shooting fee starts at $400 per shoot. However, I know that you would like to have images that are shot on different dates throughout the year so I priced three packages to accommodate multiple shoots over an extended range of time. I can also arrange to shoot to coincide with major construction events.

For locations that are 20 miles away, I typically charge a $50 transportation fee but because I tend to head up to Westchester occasionally I will waive that fee and have not added it to the prices listed below.

During race-week, I quickly snapped a few shots of the pool that I thought you might be interested in. You can down them by using the Dropbox link below.

4 Season Shoot

$1400 / $350 Per Shoot

  • 4 Flights
  • 25 unique images 
  • Shot during Fall / Winter / Summer / Spring
  • I can adjust the shoot dates to make sure winter looks like winter i.e. only shoot when there is snow on the ground etc..

Monthly Shoots

$3240 / $285 Per Shoot

  • 12 Flights
  • 25 unique images
    One flight each month
  • or scheduled to document major milestones

BI-Monthly Shoots

$5760 / $270 Per Shoot

  • 24 Flights
  • 25 unique images 
  • One Flight every two weeks

A Few Shots From Race-Week

Previous Shoots

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