2020 United States Calendar


– Size: 8.5 x 11
– Binding: Saddle-Stitched (Long Edge)
– One 5mm Drill Hole
– All Three Hundred And Sixty-Five Days
– One Bonus Day In Feb for FREE!!

January - Route 190, Death Valley NV
February - Half Dome at Sunset, Yosemite National Park
March - Tappan Zee Bridge on St. Patrick's Day
April -Trinidad, California
May - California Coast
June - Smoke After A Forest Fire, Yosemite National Park
July - "Stagecoach", Monument Valley
August - The Tahoe Flyer, Lake Tahoe, CA
September - Valley Of Fire Photo Composite
October - Harvester in Kentucky
November - Race Track Playa, Death Valley Nevada
December - Fog Over Virginia City

The photo for the month of August features the Tahoe Flyer. The Tahoe Flyer could be considered the worlds smallest, working aircraft carrier. The photo only illustrates one stage of their process where they inflate, fly and then deflate a hot air balloon that is roughly 6 times the size of a typical one.